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Add the data-ajax-cart-toggle-class-button attribute to an HTML element, pass a CSS class name as a parameter, and Liquid Ajax Cart will “toggle” the CSS class for the body tag when a user clicks on the element.

The CSS class will be added to the body tag if it doesn’t have the CSS class. The CSS class will be removed from the body tag if it has the CSS class.

The usecase is “Show/Hide Cart” button. It is used in the header of the demo store: “Cart” link shows and hides the right-side cart.

<!-- Floating cart -->
<div class="my-floating-cart"> {% section 'my-cart' %} </div>

  .my-floating-cart { display: none; }

  /* Show the floating cart if the 'js-my-cart-open' CSS class exists */
  .js-my-cart-open .my-floating-cart { display: block; }

<!-- Button to open/close the floating cart -->
<a href="{{ routes.cart_url }}"
  My Cart

  Liquid Ajax Cart will intercept a user's click on the following link
  and instead of redirecting to "/cart" it will add/remove the "js-ajax-cart-opened" <body> class 

If you want to create a button that will only add or only remove a CSS class — specify the additional parameter:

<button data-ajax-cart-toggle-class-button="js-my-cart-open | add">
  Open cart

<button data-ajax-cart-toggle-class-button="js-my-cart-open | remove">
  Close cart