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Add the data-ajax-cart-quantity-input attribute with a cart item’s index or a cart item’s key as the value to an input element to ajaxify the input field: once a user changes the input’s value, Liquid Ajax Cart will send a Shopify Cart API request to update the quantity.

The request will be sent on input’s change event and if a user presses the Enter key within the input field.

If a user presses the Esc key within the input, its value will be reset to the current item’s quantity according to the State object.

The data-ajax-cart-quantity-input input fields become readonly when there is a Shopify Cart API request in progress (if the State’s status.requestInProgress property is true)

Using a line item’s index:

{% for item in cart.items %}
  <input data-ajax-cart-quantity-input="{{ forloop.index }}" value="{{ item.quantity }}" type="number" />
{% endfor %}

Using a line item’s key is supported also, but there were found unexpected behaviour of the /add/change.js endpoint handler in some cases. Test it carefully with your store before going live:

{% for item in cart.items %}
  <input data-ajax-cart-quantity-input="{{ item.key }}" value="{{ item.quantity }}" type="number" />
{% endfor %}