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Build a Shopify Ajax-cart without JavaScript coding

A JavaScript library that ajaxifies your Shopify theme using Bundled section rendering — just apply the data-ajax-cart-section attribute to the Ajax-cart content and wrap product forms in the <ajax-cart-product-form> custom tag.

Installation Differences from v1

What's inside

Liquid Ajax Cart is a well-tested JavaScript code that covers most of the scenarios for building an Ajax-cart. In order to apply a specific Ajax functionality to an element, add a corresponding data-attribute or wrap in a custom tag, provided by the library.

You don't need to write Ajax functionality from scratch, test it, or copy-paste from a previous projects anymore.

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Ajax “Add to cart”

Wrap a product form in the <ajax-cart-product-form> custom tag — Liquid Ajax Cart will perform a Shopify Cart API Ajax request once a user submits the product form.

  {% form 'product', product %}
    <!-- form content -->

    <div data-ajax-cart-errors="form"></div>
  {% endform %}

Re-rendering Ajax cart content

Apply the data-ajax-cart-section attribute to a Shopify cart section — Liquid Ajax Cart will re-render the section after each Shopify Cart API Ajax request.

<div class="my-ajax-cart" data-ajax-cart-section>
  <h2>Cart ({{ cart.item_count }})</h2>

  <div class="my-ajax-cart__content">
    <!-- Ajax cart content -->

Cart item quantity input

Wrap a cart item quantity input, the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons in the ajax-cart-quantity custom tag and apply the corresponding data-attributes — Liquid Ajax Cart will perform a Shopify Cart API Ajax request once a user changes the input value or clicks the buttons.

  <button data-ajax-cart-quantity-minus>Minus one</button>
  <input data-ajax-cart-quantity-input="{{ line_item_index }}" value="{{ line_item.quantity }}" type="number" />
  <button data-ajax-cart-quantity-plus>Plus one</button>

Error messages

Add an element with the data-ajax-cart-errors attribute — Liquid Ajax Cart will insert Shopify Cart API error responses to the element.

<div data-ajax-cart-errors="{{ line_item.key }}">
    Errors from the request responses
    related to the line item with the specified key
    will appear here

CSS classes

Liquid Ajax Cart adds the cart related classes to the html tag so that you can style the page based on the cart state.

/* When the cart is empty */
.js-ajax-cart-empty .my-cart-items-counter {
  display: none;

/* When an Ajax request is in progress */
.js-ajax-cart-processing .my-loading-indicator {
  display: block;

JavaScript API

Liquid Ajax Cart provides methods for executing Shopify Cart API Ajax requests, as well as properties and events to extend functionality.

// Listen for the "liquid-ajax-cart:request-end" event which is fired
// after a Shopify Cart API Ajax request is performed
document.addEventListener('liquid-ajax-cart:request-end', event => {
  const {requestState} = event.detail;

  // If the "add to cart" request is successful
  if (requestState.requestType === 'add' && requestState.responseData?.ok) {

    // Add the CSS class to the "body" tag

No styles

Liquid Ajax Cart doesn't provide a layout for Ajax carts and doesn't apply any CSS styles, so the appearance is up to you.

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I managed to make the 98% of my lateral cart in about 15% of the estimated time
Sofia Borovskaia
Sofia Borovskaia
Frontend developer

Reliable for production

Liquid Ajax Cart has been in use on a production Shopify stores since the beginning of 2022. The library is actively maintained by the developer.

New York based Shopify agency “Avex Designs” uses Liquid Ajax Cart in all new projects.

Found a bug? Create a GitHub issue. Have a question? Welcome to the discussions.


If a website uses Liquid Ajax Cart, you'll find the window.liquidAjaxCart object in the browser console.

i only speak liquid” online magazine:
It’s a fantastic library cart using Bundled Rendering. So easy to use!
Roberto Senabre
Roberto Senabre
Shopify developer