An event which is fired at the document when Liquid Ajax Cart completes a Shopify Cart API Ajax request.

How it works

When a Shopify Cart API Ajax request is executed or cancelled, Liquid Ajax Cart updates the cart state in the liquidAjaxCart.cart property, updates the data-ajax-cart-section elements and all the cart related content, and then triggers the liquid-ajax-cart:request-end event.

The detailed explanation on when each event is fired and what exactly happens before and after each event is in the “Lifecycle, events, API” guide.


The event’s detail property contains an object with the following properties:

document.addEventListener("liquid-ajax-cart:request-end", function(event) {
  const {requestState, cart, previousCart, sections} = event.detail;

  // Print out all the available event data
  console.log({requestState, cart, previousCart, sections});


A Request state object, related to the request.

cart, previousCart

If a Shopify Cart API Ajax request is successful, Liquid Ajax Cart retrieves the cart state data from the response, saves it in the liquidAjaxCart.cart property, and returns the saved cart state data in the detail.cart property of the event. The detail.previousCart property of the event provides the cart state data that was kept in the liquidAjaxCart.cart property before the update.

If the request isn’t successful, thus it doesn’t have the cart state data, the properties detail.cart and detail.previousCart of the event are undefined.


Liquid Ajax Cart re-renders the data-ajax-cart-section elements after each successful Shopify Cart API Ajax request.

The event’s detail.sections property contains an array with all HTML elements re-rendered after the request. If the request isn’t successful or the page doesn’t have the data-ajax-cart-section elements, then the detail.sections property contains an empty array.

document.addEventListener("liquid-ajax-cart:request-end", function(event) {
  const {sections} = event.detail;
  // Print out re-rendered sections


    "id": "my-ajax-cart",
    "elements": [ Element {}, Element {} ]

Sending requests from the event listener

If you want to send a Shopify Cart API request from a liquid-ajax-cart:request-end event listener, make sure that the request that triggered the event is not a cart mutation request.

Otherwise there is a high chance that you’ll get into infinity loop of requests:

  • cart mutation initiates a request A,
  • the request A finishes and fires the liquid-ajax-cart:request-end event,
  • your event listener initiates a request B,
  • Liquid Ajax Cart notices that there was a request B that might change the cart state, so it runs cart mutation functions again,
  • cart mutation initiates a request A …

In order to prevent this, check the initiator property of the Request state object:

document.addEventListener("liquid-ajax-cart:request-end", function(event) {
  const {requestState} = event.detail;
  // make sure that the request is not from a mutation function:
  if (requestState.info.initiator !== "mutation") {
    // send your request